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12/13 Sonics に出演します

2019年12月2日   出演情報

Tokyo Festival of Modular, Kansai Festival of Modularをオーガナイズし、昨今のモジュラーシンセサイザーによるムーブメントを牽引する、HATAKEN, Z_Hyperをゲストに迎え、関西からはDommuneや、Doravideo氏主催の音楽イベントGIGAMODULARでも活躍するMasayoshi Sakaguchi, Plugman, Molecule planeを筆頭に総勢10名のモジュラープレイヤーによるLIVEイベントを開催いたします。

This is a live event for music of modular synthesizer.
10 modular players who has different style and a DJ play then.
This kind of music scene is expanding over the world.
A special guest HATAKEN and Z_Hyper lead the movement through holding Tokyo Festival of Modular, also Kansai Festival of Modular.
This moment such as collecting many modular synth and players in a time is unusual. So don’t miss it.
Please feel free to come with your friends.
We delighted to share such as beautiful music experiences together with you.
See you soon.

Guest Live
HATAKEN (Wåveshåper / TFoM / ZEN ZEN / TKG)

Guest DJ

Live act
編む (KFoM / Modular cafe kyoto )
Endurance (Muzan Editions / 山の音 )
Masayoshi Sakaguchi
Molecule Plane
Saya ‘Zonbi’ Nishida
Kazumasa Kitagawa

18:30 pm ~ 23:30 pm
charge 2000yen